Crip Mac Net Worth 2024: Discover His Income Sources

As of 2024, Crip Mac net worth is estimated to be $1 to $2million. From his controversial affiliation with the Crips to his appearances on popular reality TV shows, let’s uncover the secrets behind Crip Mac success and net worth.

Despite his success, Crip Mac journey has not been without challenges. His life took dramatic turns with his gang affiliations and the inherent risks of street life. However, his ability to transform adversity into a compelling narrative through his music speaks volumes about his resilience and adaptability.

Crip Mac Bio/wiki

Full NameTrevor Hurd
NicknameCrip Mac
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 1993
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
OccupationRapper, Social Media Personality
Musical GenreHip-Hop, Rap
Popular Works55th Street,” “Opp Goblin,” “No Cut”
Social MediaActive on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
Notable TraitsKnown for his gang affiliation and distinctive tattoos
Legal IssuesHas had multiple run-ins with the law
Net Worth$1 to $2 million
Earning SourcesMusic sales, YouTube revenue, live performances
Personal LifeOften discusses life experiences and street credibility
FanbaseGained a substantial following on social media

Who is Crip Mac?

Crip Mac Net Worth 2024: Discover His Income Sources

Crip Mac is a rapper and entrepreneur. Crip Mac, born on February 20, 1993, hails from Los Angeles. His story begins there, but it stretches far, reaching Texas. He moved with his mother as a child, experiencing life in different settings. Returning to Los Angeles set the stage for his future.

He attended Elif Elsik and Fontana High Schools, shaping his early education. Now, Crip Mac is in a relationship with Tania Wallace. Not yet married, he focuses on his career.

A rapper with a gritty style, Crip Mac’s music reflects his life’s challenges. His authenticity draws fans. Crip Mac’s journey from the streets to success showcases his resilience.

Crip Mac Early Life and Family

Crip Mac early years were marked by constant movement. Initially, he lived in Texas with his mother. This experience shaped him profoundly. Eventually, they returned to Los Angeles. These shifts influenced his worldview.

His schooling took place at two different high schools. This diverse education added to his wealthy background. His family life, though private, played a crucial role. It instilled in him resilience and adaptability.

These traits contributed significantly to his success. As a result, Crip Mac net worth began to grow. His journey, rooted in his early life, underscores his achievements. Indeed, understanding his beginnings sheds light on what is Crip Mac net worth today.

Crip Mac Amazing Career

Crip Mac rise to fame is nothing short of remarkable. Initially, his raw talent captured attention locally. Soon after, his unique voice found a wider audience. His music, authentic and raw, struck a chord. Audiences everywhere were captivated.

The gritty lyrics painted vivid pictures of his life. Reality TV then beckoned, expanding his reach. “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” and “Miami” showcased his persona. This exposure was pivotal, boosting his profile significantly.

As a result, his music career soared. Crip Mac’s net worth grew, reflecting his success. His diverse and growing earnings underline his industry impact. What is Crip Mac Net Worth? It’s a testament to his incredible journey.

Crip Mac Wife/girlfriend and Relationship Status

However, he previously dated his day-to-day manager, Lupe Gotti. They share a bond, enriched by mutual respect. His personal life, however, remains primarily private. Details about their relationship are scarce. Yet, they are navigating life’s ups and downs together. In terms of Crip Mac net worth, it’s growing steadily. Their relationship contributes to his grounding.

Both play pivotal roles in each other’s lives. His success story isn’t just his alone. Lupe Gotti, too, plays a significant part. Together, they are a team. Their journey is a testament to their strong connection. Love and support define their relationship. This bond, undoubtedly, is a key to Crip Mac’s continued success.

Crip Mac Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance.

HeightApproximately 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm)
WeightAround 250 pounds (113 kg)
Body TypeStocky, muscular
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Skin ToneDark complexion
TattoosMultiple visible tattoos, including face tattoos
Distinctive FeaturesProminent facial tattoos and gang-related symbols
Physical ConditionMaintains a physically imposing appearance

Crip Mac Net Worth

What is Crip Mac net worth, you may wonder. It stands impressively at $1.5 million. His journey, filled with raw grit, led to this. Each step, each decision, played a part. His music resonates deeply, a true reflection of life’s hardships.

It’s not just his music that added to his wealth. Reality TV stints have also broadened his audience, bringing in more revenue. Moreover, his merchandise sales cannot be overlooked. These have become a significant income stream.

In addition, live performances have bolstered his financial status. Altogether, these sources contribute to what we see today. Indeed, Crip Mac’s net worth is a testament to his multifaceted career.

Crip Mac Future Plan and Goal

Looking ahead, Crip Mac ambitions are vast. Indeed, he plans to expand his musical empire. His vision includes not only producing more music but also nurturing new talents. Moreover, community outreach forms a crucial part of his agenda.

Hence, Crip Mac intends to give back, aiding those in need. Additionally, his aim to increase what is Crip Mac net worth is apparent. By diversifying his portfolio, he seeks more excellent financial stability. Furthermore, investing in businesses outside of music is on his radar.

Ultimately, Crip Mac aspires to leave a legacy that transcends his current achievements. Therefore, his journey forward is not just about wealth but about making a meaningful impact.

Crip Mac on Social Media

On social media, Crip Mac truly shines. Indeed, his Instagram boasts over 134.6K followers. Similarly, more than 6.3K followers hang on his every word on Twitter. Additionally, his YouTube channel impresses with over 109K subscribers.

Importantly, these platforms showcase his daily life. Moreover, they offer fans a glimpse into his creative process. Likewise, they reveal how he interacts with his community. Furthermore, social media amplifies what is Crip Mac net worth.

Ultimately, these platforms contribute significantly to his brand. Thus, Crip Mac’s social media presence is invaluable. It’s a key driver behind Crip Mac’s net worth growth.

Crip Mac Video and images

Fun Facts about Crip Mac Net Worth

Unexpected Beginnings: 

Initially, Crip Mac’s career seemed uncertain. Yet, his net worth soared to $1 to $2 million. 

Diverse Income:

 His wealth isn’t just from music. Reality TV and merchandise sales also contribute significantly. 

Street Authenticity:

 His real-life experiences fuel his lyrics. This authenticity plays a significant role in his success. 

Fan Loyalty: 

His raw and gritty style has garnered a dedicated fan base. 

Community Focus: 

A portion of his earnings goes back into local communities. It’s a way to give back and stay grounded.

 Social Media Impact:

 His strong presence online boosts his brand. Thus, enhancing what is Crip Mac Net Worth even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crip Mac Net Worth as of 2024? 

Crip Mac net worth is estimated to be around $1 to $2 million. This figure comes from his music career, reality TV appearances, merchandise sales, and live performances, showcasing his diverse sources of income.

 How did Crip Mac earn his net worth?

 He earned his net worth through his music career, featuring gritty and authentic lyrics, his participation in reality TV shows like “Love & Hip Hop,” merchandise sales, and live performances across various venues. 

Is Crip Mac married, or does he have a girlfriend?

 Crip Mac is not married but is in a relationship with Tania Wallace. The couple’s relationship is an aspect of his life that he keeps relatively private, but it’s known that they support each other through various challenges. 

What are Crip Mac’s plans for the future?

 Looking forward, Crip Mac aims to expand his music career, involve himself in community outreach, diversify his income sources beyond music, and potentially invest in businesses. His goals reflect a desire to grow his net worth while making a meaningful impact.


In exploring what is Crip Mac net worth, we’ve delved deep. His story, from the streets to stardom, is captivating. Thus, Crip Mac net worth of $1 to $2 million reflects his journey. Each chapter of his life adds layers to his wealth.

His music, raw and honest, connects deeply with many. Moreover, his reality TV appearances have broadened his appeal. Additionally, his relationship with Tania Wallace adds a personal touch. Also, his plans promise even more growth.

Indeed, his social media presence magnifies his influence. Therefore, his net worth is not just a number. It symbolizes his hard work, dedication, and vision. In conclusion, Crip Mac’s financial achievements are just the beginning.


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