Magical Properties Of Clove: Spiritual Meanings & Magical Uses

Welcome, magical minds and seekers of spirituality! As we travel through the mystical world of clove, a spice with a lot more to offer than meets the eye, we’re about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. In addition to enhancing our spiritual practices, rituals, and everyday lives with its magical properties, clove is often touted for its ability to ward off vampires. 

We’re going to dive into the enchanting world of this extraordinary spice, so don your magical sunglasses and slather on some clove-scented sunscreen.

What do cloves symbolize?

Magical Properties Of Clove

In Latin, clavus means nail, which explains the unique shape of cloves. Clove comes from the French word clou. There was a regular trade between Ancient Rome and China for the dried flower buds of the clove tree on the Molucca Islands in Indonesia. The wealthy in these cultures could only afford cloves because they were so highly valued. Their association with prosperity grew quickly.

Associated with the fire element and Jupiter, they are masculine and protective. Due to this, they are extremely effective for spells that deal with growth, money, legal issues, and abundance. Pomanders are perfume balls that protect against illness, one of their most famous magical uses.

Christmas gifts were commonly given with cloves stuffed inside oranges to offer protection, good luck charms for the new year, or good luck charms for the new year. Even today, people who follow pagan traditions sometimes give them as gifts.

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Magical Properties Of Clove (Spiritual Meanings)

Magical Properties Of Clove

The cloves would shout “magic” if they could talk. Known for its unique flavor and aroma, clove has been used for centuries. There are many magical properties associated with clove, but they go far beyond culinary delights.

The Spice Of Love

Are you looking for a little more…spice in your love life? Love is believed to be attracted to cloves and relationships are strengthened by them. For a romantic meal, incorporate cloves into a potion or sachet, or incorporate them into a love potion or sachet. 

Wealth And Prosperity Magnet

In addition to its ability to attract love, clove is also popular for its ability to attract money. Cloves are said to attract wealth as well as help you maintain and grow your financial abundance through their potent vibration.

Take advantage of the prosperity powers of cloves by creating special powders or oils that attract money, or simply carrying a few cloves with you for good luck. 


An atmosphere of safety and security can be created with cloves’ aromatic and flavorful aroma. It is common for cloves to be blended with other herbs to enhance their effectiveness in protecting the people around them. Examples include bay leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg, or rosemary.


As well as bringing courage, strength, and optimism, clove can also boost spiritual self-discovery if used appropriately.

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How To Use Clove In Spiritual Practices?

Magical Properties Of Clove

Many spiritual seekers feel drawn to cloves’ scent because of its mystery and magic. When using cloves for spiritual practices, all parts should be taken into consideration. Dry floral buds, stems, leaves, and bark of cloves are included in this category.

It is also possible to enhance cloves’ magical properties by combining them with other herbs.

The most common uses of cloves are:

  • teas
  • incense
  • tinctures
  • fragrant oils
  • Candles of intention (find out what kind of candles there are here)

The burning of cloves as incense or the use of clove oil in an aromatherapy diffuser can support meditation, manifestation, or deep introspection by cleansing the atmosphere of negative energies.

Cloves have two powerful qualities that will increase your connection to the universe: they are hot and dry in nature.

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How To Make A Love Potion?

Do you want to make someone’s disposition toward you more pleasant? Folklore has the following trick:

As you visualize the outcome you wish to achieve, hold a clove in your left hand and conceal it in dessert or drink for your target.

The History Of Clove Use In Ancient Traditions

Magical Properties Of Clove

Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and Egyptian medicine have all used clove for its health benefits over hundreds of years. Ancient Romans and Greeks often used clove to bring good luck and joy to celebrations.

As well as its protective properties, cloves were thought to welcome good spirits and ward off evil ones. As a symbol of spiritual power and presence, clove even appears in dream symbolism.

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Clove’s Medicinal Benefits

You may not be feeling your best when it comes to your body’s functioning. Let’s try Clove! Physical health is greatly improved by this medicinal powerhouse.

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, this medicinal herb is soothing and calming.

Besides treating bugs bites and toothaches, it can even treat athlete’s foot, insect bites and toothaches. Do not miss out on Clove’s amazing medicinal benefits if you have not already done so!

Using Clove-Infused Oil As A Healing Or Anointing Oil

Magical Properties Of Clove

Magical ointments and lotions can be infused with clove oil to assist in healing. Infusing oil with cloves at home is easy and requires very little preparation!

There are only a few things you need:

  • It is best to use olive or jojoba oil (three tablespoons)
  • 10 to 15 cloves
  • a pot

Follow these instructions:

  1. The coconut oil (we use it) should be heated over medium heat
  2. After the oil has been heated, add cloves
  3. Golden brown a few cloves once they have been cooked
  4. Make sure not to burn it after taking it off the heat
  5. A glass jar should be filled with cloves and hot oil
  6. Let it sit for five days or longer, making sure that all the cloves are covered in oil.

Now you can use your very own clove oil in any way you like!

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Can We Eat Cloves Daily?

Magical Properties Of Clove

Healthy people without underlying health conditions can consume clove-based foods and teas at daily food levels. Make sure to remove whole cloves from any foods you have cooked with the whole spice, as they can be choking hazards and hard to digest. Taking clove oil in large quantities can be toxic since it contains eugenol compounds.

If you plan to ingest cloves on a regular basis or as a medicine, consult with your doctor first.

What Are The Side Effects Of Cloves?

Dizziness and coma can result from ingesting clove oil. There is a risk of gum tissue damage if clove oil is applied to the gums. If clove oil is applied to the skin in high concentrations, skin burns can occur. It is possible to damage your lungs by inhaling smoke from clove cigarettes.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cloves?

There is still research to be done, but cloves’ impressive health benefits may include increasing immunity, providing critical nutrients, and supporting your body in fighting free radicals, losing bone density, and dying cells.

Before taking cloves as a supplement, consult your doctor.

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What Are Cloves Good For?

Under a doctor’s supervision, cloves can reduce free radicals and soothe localized pain through antioxidant compounds. The dried flower buds of this herb can be used in desserts, savory dishes, and medicine broths when cooking.

For luck, wealth, protection, and mental strength, they are used in magic and spells.

What Is Clove Tea Good For?

Tea blends containing cloves may have antimicrobial properties that may help fight bacteria in the mouth and food poisoning side effects. When you drink a tea blend containing cloves, you will be bringing antioxidants into your body, which combat free radicals and promote health and longevity.

Your medical doctor should be consulted before taking clove tea on a daily basis to ensure its safety.


What diseases can cloves cure?

A combination of cloves and your doctor’s advice has been shown to reduce localized pain with eugenol in cloves. Diseases cannot be cured by it alone.

Are whole cloves edible?

The hard texture of whole cloves can make them a choking hazard, so chew them thoroughly before eating. It is recommended that you don’t consume more than two cloves of garlic per day by doctors, scientists, and researchers. Herbal health regimens should always be discussed with your doctor.

Can I use cloves as a spice in kitchen witchcraft?

Yes, of course! During the addition of these ingredients, visualize what energies will help your spell.

What are the uses of clove essential oil?

It is only recommended to use clove essential oil for aromatherapy. It is perfect for treating respiratory issues, reducing anxiety, and promoting mental clarity since cloves’ scent and energy promote mental clarity.


The versatile uses of clove across cultures have been valued for thousands of years, both in ancient practices and in modern medicine.

A sensory delight, it has a complex flavor profile. Spiritual healing and practice can be facilitated by its many medicinal benefits.

We recommend investing in the highest quality Clove products, regardless of whether you grow your own Clove plant or purchase Clove oil that is infused with powerful natural energies.

Using spices – like clove – as part of our ritual work will evoke the past and pay homage to our spiritual paths.

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